Lama Cures Leg?

A Tibetan lama (not llama) believes he has cured his gangrene leg, diabetes, and Pott’s Disease with meditation. Specifically Tsa Lung meditation. So now he is being treated by scientists as all extraordinary humans are: as a human guinea pig. Scientists are studying his brain to see what makes him tick and to see if his claims are realistic.

It’s hard to find good information on Tsa Lung meditation because most sites are advertising for a course, retreat, etc., but here is what I’ve found: Tsa Lung meditation uses the 5 Warrior Syllables to enhance your ability to make your lung (inner wind) flow through your subtle body (the body’s energy dimension). It uses 5 specific exercises and body movements that correspond to the 5 elements (air, water, space, earth, fire) to open one’s 5 chakras (energy centers). There’s a lot of the number 5 in this method if you can’t tell. Those who practice Tsa Lung meditation are said to visualize a wind working through, clearing any blockages in the way. Tsa Lung meditation is used to “help you connect to your chakras, clearing gross and subtle obstacles and enhancing your meditative state.”

According to the Daily Beast, Lama Phakyab Rinpoche claims by powerfully meditating almost all day, every day, for a year, the ooze from his gangrene leg went from black to green to cloudy to clear and then fully healed itself, and he is learning to walk again. His leg is supposedly “back from the dead.” Now I’m all for not dying, and this is great. But how are we supposed to use this? This guy gave up everything for a year for a do-or-die mission to save his leg. Two questions: A) Why didn’t his meditation work before his leg became horribly gross? I mean he’s a Tibetan Lama. He meditates for a living. I mean he ordained at 13 years old! And B) How are every-day people supposed to use this to help them? We’re not all Buddhist priests. We’re not trained in meditation. And we can’t just give up life as we know it for a year. Every-day people have every-day responsibilities.

Great for him if it worked, but the whole sudden healing when I know he’s been meditating every day of his life seems a little strange to me. If anyone knows more about Tsa Lung meditation, or finds a good website about it, please let me know. I’d love to have some more information about this!

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